Activision - Diablo IV Season 1: The Malignance - Launch

For the launch of the highly anticipated season 1: The Malignance of Activision's Diablo IV, I was charged with creating a multi level takeover campaign on the Activision Diablo IV social channels in the UK, France, and Germany. This consisted of a wide range of devices to promote the new season before its release. I created a range of instagram filters based on the limited art direction provided ahead of the announcement, the first being a simple reveal your prophecy filter, the second, a face changing filter that shows how you would look if infected by the antagonist in the game, the third, which was a stretch asset and not released was a filter mini game where you have to dodge enemies and capture Malignant hearts to gain a high score. All these filters were made in Spark AR and available to experience on the links below (please be advised these are mobile filters so must be opened on a phone).