Vodafone X Wimbledon 2023

For the lead up to Wimbledon 2023, we worked with official partner Vodafone to showcase some of the rising new British talent taking part in the tournament. Originally meant to feature Emma Raducanu, Jack Draper, Alfie Hewett, and Gordon Reid the production started out with the tennis stars reacting to messages sent in by young fans. Unfortunately the project was put in jeopardy when Emma Raducanu and Jack Draper pulled out of the competition, forcing us to pivot and quickly enlist another British tennis hopeful Jodie Burrage.

The many obstacles this project faced were turned to our advantage and allowed us to produce even more content on top of the original assets scheduled. This extra content allowed us to tell a story and focus on the human element of these tennis players. 

The content captured was a mixture of high quality vox pop style interviews combined with self shot footage from the tennis stars themselves, coming together to illustrate a journey and promote the Vodafone brand message with subtlety, culminating in a series of videos designed to create hype around the tournament.

Date: 2023
Client: Vodafone
Role: Lead Designer, Editor, Colour grade